“Thank you both so so much for all the fantastic food and drinks this weekend! We had many people come up to us and tell us that it was the best wedding food they had ever had, and it's all thanks to you both that our wedding food dreams came true. We'll be sure any professional pics with you that highlight the amazing food and setup, and we really appreciate everything that you did for us” 

/  Tuhina /


“The food was just the best ever, I got to eat and loved every dish! The veg dish with the biryani was my most favorite but everything else was over the top. I got so many compliments on the meal, thank you thank you!You both and your team out did yourselves and we at AIF are very grateful for the effort , attention and care you give us and also the break you give AIF given its cause. We are proud to be your partners, thank you!”

/  Lata  /


“Sanket and I just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding events a huge hit!!! The food was delicious and way beyond what we have had from other caterers in the past. You guys are truly the best at what you do and we are so happy we were able to work with you for our special weekend. 

Thank you for working tirelessly with us on all the customization and changes. Every detail made a difference and was very much appreciated. 

Hope to work with you all again soon! “ 

/  mansi  /


“Thank you so much for the fabulous food at Simren’s wedding and Sangeet. We got so many compliments from many, many folks about the food. It was really well done and people really appreciated the quality and variety and flavors. We have many very discerning relatives and friends who were very impressed with and thoroughly enjoyed the food. As our friend from Boston was saying, he would love to have you come and cater there. That was a resounding compliment to the food. Thank you. ” 

/  sarita  /